Gratitude 062: A Full Complement of Paper Products

While I understand the aversion to the obscene quantities of goods Costco sells in one package, I take comfort knowing my family’s paper-product needs are taken care of for the next three months.

I write this in complete honesty. This odd psychological association between paper products and monetary stability was formed when I first moved out to live on my own. I remember being in need of a paper towel and realizing that I had none in the apartment. When I went to the grocery store to get paper towels, I was chagrined to see the pain they would inflict on my limited budget. When you first move out on your own, you are are focused on the major expenses: car, food, housing, insurance. Then, your first day on your own you are surprised by all the things you didn’t account for. Shampoo, toilet paper, soap by the sink, a sponge for the dishes. At that point in my life, toilet paper was a necessity, but paper towels became a luxury item. Kleenex? Forget it! No room in the budget for that. The toilet paper and paper towels would have to suffice.

Now, I’ve just returned home with months’ supply of all three. We even have a large bin in which to store them. I’m grateful to be in a place of greater financial stability. Every time I buy paper towels and tissues a part of me gives thanks that we have enough money to afford them. There is still a voice that whispers, “Luxury items!”

Though purchasing and hoarding Costco quantities of paper products is in direct opposition of the KonMari method referenced in the last post, it provides me with a certain comfort that we are going to be OK, at least for the next few months.

Image: Luxury items.


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