Gratitude 060: Phil

Taking a year off from teaching was a financial risk. We would be able pay for all of our monthly expenses, except for health care. That would have to come out of savings each month. Luckily, I work with a great guy named Phil who found a role for me to assist with educational technology and professional development while I’m away from the classroom. This was not only a professional blessing, but a financial one as well, as the pay allows me to cover health insurance without depleting savings.

I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Phil during the last five years. Though our styles are a bit different, we work well together and get things accomplished. He sets the vision and gives direction, and I follow.

It’s a joy to work with people whom you respect and admire. Phil is such an optimist and he is always positive, even when those around him are not. He never says “we can’t do that” or shoots down a request right away. Instead, he looks for a way to get it accomplished. If it can be done, he does it. He is humble enough to stay out of the power games and let those who like to take credit for others’ successes do so. He knows his work will speak for itself. He’s not loud and overpowering, yet he gets results and his vision and execution have led our district to a wonderful place.

I’m thankful to be able to work closely with such a positive and encouraging co-worker. Today, my thank you note expresses to Phil just how much I appreciate him.

Image: Yes, the current project we are collaborating on involves taking green-screen images of a minifig trapped in a sea of LEGOs. Good stuff.


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