Gratitude 056: My Aunt Patti

Patti is an incredible host. She is the type of host that prepares numerous excellent dishes, decorates tastefully, greets all visitors at the door, and yet never exhibits the slightest sign of stress. Though she must have a million things on her mind, it always seems as if her only concern is the comfort of her guests. Over the years, I’ve often felt sorry for her because it seems that she never leaves the kitchen, except to bring food to the table or the gathering area. I always felt bad that she never got the opportunity to enjoy the events she hosts. It’s taken me a number of years to realize that she actually IS enjoying herself! Her tidy house and perfect meals are not a show; she enjoys her role in making sure other people are enjoying themselves as her guests. Those she hosts truly feel welcome and wanted in her house.

As for our immediate family specifically, she always ensures there is something gluten free for my wife. This can mean buying special bread or flour, or even cooking another dish. Today’s event was a family birthday party for her grandson. Our son was the only other child there, so she put together a special gift bag just for him so he would have something to open. These personal touches are much appreciated and make us feel special. I am grateful for Patti, who makes us feel like honored guests upon every visit.

Image: Kaboompics


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