Gratitude 052: Jason Kottke

I’m not sure how I found out about, but I’ve been a fan ever since. Since 1998, Jason Kottke has been cataloging life in America through his blog. I haven’t been reading since its inception, but I’ve been enjoying Jason’s curated collection of music, videos and articles regularly for perhaps five years. I think of Jason’s site as a personally curated Feedly. It works because what Jason shares is usually interesting and thought provoking, and sometimes just purely fun. Instead of spending all my time online reading news, a trip to Jason’s site broadens the content I consume and opens me to perspectives I would not get by just sticking to mainstream news websites.

I won’t attempt to explain any further, as I certainly wouldn’t be able to do any better than he does himself on his About page. If you’ve never checked it out, take a look at what he curates for you each weekday. Perhaps you would enjoy seeing some of the best the web has to offer each day.



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