Gratitude 051: My Reader(s)

As I wrote yesterday, the main objective of this gratitude project was to write letters of thanks and appreciation to the people who have touched my life in large and small ways. So why blog about it? I agree, the blog is not necessary, but it serves two purposes:

  1. It publicizes my goal, helping to keep me committed to seeing it through.
  2. The blog puts positive thoughts into the world that I hope will affect those who read it in a positive way.

Now, neither of those secondary purposes make any sense if nobody is reading the blog. However, at least one person is, almost every day. I’m really not sure how that works, since my wife is the only one (of my friends and family) who even knows this blog exists. I’ve not publicized it at all. I suppose the WordPress reader places my recent posts on other bloggers’ feeds. I’m really not sure.

I do not know who you are, readers, but I am grateful for you. I hope that my posts bring a bit of light to your day and help to remind you of some of the many people and things for which you are grateful.

Image: Pixabay



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