Gratitude 049: Our Real Estate Agent

Ten years ago, when we moved to the city we still call home, we lived in a cozy apartment above a real estate office. It was owned and managed by Barb Lamoureux, the owner of the real estate business. Barb was a wonderful landlord and welcomed us warmly to Everett. The summer between finishing my Masters program and getting my first teaching job, Barb hired me to do odd jobs for her to earn a little extra money. She even wrote me a generous check to buy classroom supplies when I got my first job.

The kids that we were back then, we weren’t satisfied with our perfect apartment. We were solely focused on getting a house. Barb and her son Chris took us all over Everett looking at houses, but nothing excited us. After a few months of a mostly depressing house search, they took us to a house that had been on the market a few months that actually belonged to good friends of their family. It was the last house we saw, because it was the house in which we wanted to raise our family. Nine years later, we still love the house, and we’ll be here at least until our son goes to college. As a move-in gift, Barb had the tired and dingy wood floors refinished. We think of her often as we admire the beautiful floors we love so much.

The thing is, we are just two of the hundreds of clients Barb has helped throughout her career. Scores and scores of individuals have been recipients of her care and generosity. She has been a positive and active contributor to her community for decades, and has touched countless lives. We are grateful our paths crossed with hers. Barb is the kind of person who makes a difference in the lives of those she meets, and her kindness has impacted us greatly.

Image: SOLD! Our new house, nine years ago.


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