Gratitude 048: America’s Service Members

I’m not really sure how to best express my gratitude and show my appreciation for the members of our military. I know that I’m incredibly grateful to live in America and benefit from the freedoms protected by those who have served our country. I’ve never served, however, so how can I really grasp the magnitude of their commitment to our nation and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for its people?  I have taught a few students from military families over the years, so I have seen secondhand how difficult it is to be separated from family for months at a time. But this is just a small window into the life of a service member. I struggle to find the appropriate words and means with which to adequately express my gratitude for these brave and courageous Americans.

We don’t have many in our family who have served, but my cousin is a veteran of the Navy. I can’t express my thanks to every single member of our military, but I can at least take a small step today by writing my cousin a letter of thanks for his service.

Image: Pixabay


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