Gratitude 047: Libraries

My son and I just went on another trip to our city library yesterday. I love going to the library. It’s like a huge bookstore where you get to take home all the books you like for free! (Of course, I know my taxes pay for the libraries, but I’m getting much more value than my tax bill indicates.) My son and I persist in bringing just one big bag to fill, even though it is never large enough for the haul of books we bring home. Sure, we have plenty of our own books, but our local libraries have allowed us to explore hundreds more books that we would never have been able to purchase on our own. Some of them we only read once or twice, but more are favorites that we read over and over and max out on renewals. This is such an effective way to engage with books, because you can always go out and buy the books you truly love. If libraries only offered physical books for checkout, I’d be happy. But of course, they offer so much more!

Our local libraries have wonderful events for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. They organize and host community meetings and discussion groups. If you’ve ever needed to complete a research project, you know how valuable the reference librarians can be! But now, with ebooks and the Internet, they’ve been able to provide even more benefits. I just recently needed to learn a new computer program through work and a coworker told me I could watch the tutorials through the library’s website with my library card as a login! I promptly added 50 hours of Lynda courses to my queue to enjoy throughout the next few months. While on the library’s website, I found they offer access to a wide range of databases and provide additional eLearning options. I could go on and on detailing the resources offered by libraries. I only take advantage of a small portion of what is available. However, I encourage you to spend some time talking to a librarian to learn what the library can do for you. Explore your library’s website and you’ll be amazed at the tools and opportunities they offer. I absolutely grateful for our local libraries!

What do you love about your local library?

Image: MOST of the books we checked out fit on the book rail in my son’s room.


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