Gratitude 043: Going for a Run

I’ve always disliked running for the sake of running. However, I could play soccer, basketball, or football all day. In those sports, you are running for a purpose, and you don’t even realize you are running and getting exercise. I usually get so wrapped up in the game that I don’t really notice the pain of running. When I go out for a run, the pain is all I register. I think, “This is no fun. What’s the point? My lungs hurt. Can’t wait to finish. How long do I have left?” Over and over and over. I try to think about other things, like trying to get clarity on something that has been bothering me, or planning out the week or weekend. However, my mind just shifts back to “Ugh…this running from point A back to point A really stinks.”

Why the gratitude? It’s all about when the run is completed. I feel great. My head is clearer and I’m more alert. I’ve got that sense of accomplishment. I actually feel healthier. Thank goodness for these feelings, or else I’d never get off the couch. OK, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic. I’m beginning to develop a bit of an affinity for running. First of all, the solitude. I crave alone time, and running provides. Second, life’s always better outdoors. Third…well, I’ll get back to you.

The reason for this post is that I’m coming off a great run yesterday. I was midway through my post on being healthy, when I realized that I was sitting on the couch with the sun shining through the window. My wife and son were asleep and I had just enough time to get out for a run before we had to leave for an event. It was perhaps the nicest afternoon in a few months, and I didn’t spend most of the run feeling like I was going to keel over. I thought, “Maybe this running stuff isn’t so bad…” That’s high praise from these lips.

Got any tips to make running more enjoyable?

Image: My running shoes.


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