Gratitude 041: Doing Things Yourself

I am NOT handy, but I’m a homeowner. I’m forced to fix things. I’m often reluctant to start a project or attempt a fix for fear of sub-par results, but I’ve got to say that it feels pretty good to do something yourself that you would otherwise have had to pay someone to do for you. Today it was just swapping out an old hard drive for an SSD and putting in some more RAM, but it got me thinking about the other projects I’ve completed on my own.

Pictured above is probably my favorite, because of how useful it’s been to us. This is me in 2011. We knew we had to update our second bedroom before we had a child. The room was always frigid and the wallboard was cracked and disgusting. I took a sledgehammer to all the old walls and my wife and I insulated the ceiling and exterior wall. This didn’t take particular skill, but the sense of accomplishment was great. My wife and I enjoy the new drywall and cozier atmosphere in the room every day as we read books in the “comfy chair” before nap and night. As I go from room to room, I’m often reminded of the various projects we’ve done to improve our house and it feels good to think back on the ones we did together. I’m grateful for the sense of accomplishment and pride we can get from the work we do ourselves.

Before and after:

What works have you done that give you a sense of accomplishment?


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