Gratitude 039: The Comfort of Routines

Every family has their nighttime routine: the activities you and your children engage in together to wind down and signal to the body it is time to sleep. Our routine has always included the quiet singing of songs once our son is lying down in bed. And since December 2014, the last song of the night has ALWAYS been “Jingle Bells.” That’s right, the old Christmas classic.

It was a favorite of his that December of 2014. It was such a favorite that he asked us to continue singing it after Christmas. We obliged, and then it just kept going. By June of the next year, we thought it was getting rather old. Our half-hearted attempts to replace Jingle Bells in the rotation were met with strong resistance. He’d definitely be tired of it by next Christmas, though…right? It’s now been 26 months of Jingle Bells, twice a day (night and nap), so about 1,500 stirring renditions of the brilliant Christmas tune.

It used to bug me, the same song night after night, but now I look upon it fondly. It has obviously stuck around because it gives us comfort. It signals that our day is done and it is time to transition to sleep. It caps off the day with a familiar and well-loved routine that we share with warmth. Plus, it’ll make for a great anecdote when he’s older. Today, I’m grateful for our “Jingle Bells.”

Which routines bring your and your family comfort and joy?

Image: Unsplash


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