Gratitude 038: Good Customer Service

What’s not to like about Amazon? Instead of wasting time going to a store to find out they don’t have what you need in stock, you can just log on to Amazon and have the item on your doorstep in two days. On top of that, they make returns so easy, even when dealing with one of their selling partners.

For Christmas, I got a bottle of perfume for my wife. It came in a completely insufficient thin plastic bubble mailer that felt as if all the bubbles had been deflated. Not the best choice for a glass container filled with liquid. It wasn’t a good sign to hear glass rattling around when I picked up the package. Sure enough, when my wife opened it, the perfume smell permeated the room and a nice glass shard was loose in the box. I logged in to Amazon to start the return process. In a few days, I received an email from the seller blaming the damage on the carrier. They requested I send a picture of the item. I declined to mention the grossly inadequate packaging when I sent the requested picture. I waited. No reply. I politely emailed again requesting a reply. Nothing. I went back to Amazon to explain the communication with the seller and finally heard today that Amazon is granting my request for a return!

Things happen. Life’s not perfect. Amazon didn’t have to step in to solve a problem created by one of their sellers. We’d probably still continue to transfer a large portion of our paychecks to Amazon each month if they hadn’t. However, today we are grateful they did.

Recall a time when you received great customer service. How did that make you feel?

Image: Unsplash


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