Gratitude 037: Snow Day!

No two words produce as much joy for students. OK, maybe they’re second behind “School’s Out,” but it is the often unexpected and unscheduled nature of the snow day that makes it so wonderful for kids. I recall my days as a student waking up to freshly fallen snow. The first thing I’d do is run out to the TV to see if our school district was colored in red. A red school district meant an unscheduled closure and an entire day of unbridled joy. Though we had to make these days up in June, snow days almost felt like you were given an extra day in your life to spend just how you pleased. Today was one of those snow days in our area. My wife and I were in a perfect place to enjoy it, and since I’m not teaching this year, I don’t have to make it up in June!

By sheer luck, my wife and I were enjoying a night away from home for our anniversary in this picturesque location. We woke up to see about six inches of fresh snow outside our window. Before breakfast, we took the short walk over to this lookout to admire Snoqualmie Falls. We had this breathtaking vista to ourselves for a good twenty minutes. We lingered in the fresh, crisp air and listened to the roar of the falls, partially muted by the snow. It was a wonderfully peaceful way to begin our snow day.

We were so grateful we had the good fortune to experience this. How lucky we are to live in a world with such beauty!

Admire the beauty in nature around you today.

Image: Snoqualmie Falls, taken this morning by me.


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