Gratitude 036: The Creator of These Adorable Avocados

Artists add beauty to our world. As someone who does not possess innate artistic talents, I appreciate even more those who can create meaning, awe, and wonder with their minds and their hands. Enter Colossal, an art blog that curates an amazingly diverse collection of artwork from around the world. I love to see what people are creating with a wide variety of mediums and am just amazed by the skill and creativity that these artists possess.

It is through Colossal that I found out about Hanna Dovhan and her Etsy store Woolscuplture. I’ve already written about our family’s obsession with avocados, but I haven’t yet talked about my soft spot for anthropomorphism. There is something so innocent about an inanimate object with a face that I cannot resist. When I saw the avocados pictured above, I felt their joy in love and knew they were a fitting analog for the love my wife and I share. I raced over to Hanna’s store to place an order. Now that I’ve given the avocados to my wife, I can write a short note to the artist thanking her for creating a gift that will be treasured in our home.

I’m grateful for the work of the artist and I know my wife and I will enjoy admiring our “avocados in love” for years to come. Thanks, Hanna!

Take a moment to thank someone who adds beauty to your life.

Image: Our avocados in love, from Hanna Dovhan


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