Gratitude 034: Family Dinner Time

When my wife and I were each growing up, one of the many things our families did well was set aside family time. I remember my family always ate dinner together. It wasn’t a chore or something that was forced, it was just habit. Every night. Now, my wife and I are happy to keep that tradition in our family. We may have to adjust dinner time to fit the day’s plans, but we make sure to eat together at the table. No phones, no music, no tv. Just the three of us. Sure, our son is young, so our schedules aren’t that busy yet, but it’s a treasured habit in our lives, and it’s important to us that it continues.

I love this time because it is a time of relaxation. The rush of work and school, driving and errands, cooking and cleaning is over. Dinner time is the transition into the quiet of the evening. It gives us time to just enjoy each other’s company. We get to honor each other by offering our undivided attention as we share the details of our day.

I’m grateful for this time of togetherness and I pray it strengthens the bonds between us year after year.

What traditions do you treasure?

Image: Our family’s table.


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