Gratitude 032: The Right to Peaceably Assemble

Last week was a big week for public demonstrations. I didn’t participate in the Women’s March or the March for life, but I was heartened to see so many people mobilize to stand up for their beliefs. I’m thankful that our right to demonstrate peacefully is protected in the Bill of Rights. Being the private and introverted person I am, I didn’t exercise this right, but I’m thankful for it because it signals that our democracy is alive and functioning. On a daily basis, I’m more likely to peaceably assemble a fire, a book and some hot chocolate, but as long as my right to demonstrate for by beliefs is protected, I will feel that our government still respects my voice and the voices of fellow Americans.

This week, I’m genuinely grateful for this freedom and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who speaking up for their rights out of love for our country.



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