Gratitude 029: My wife

My wife and I celebrate twelve years of marriage this week. I’ll need to find a lot of little things that make life wonderful in order to make it to 365 posts, but there is no thing, no idea, no person I am more grateful for than my wife. I am thankful every day to be married to such an honest, loving, supportive woman. I feel safe with her. I know I can share anything with her and will always be met with love and acceptance. I’m full of error and weakness, yet she doesn’t judge me. What stood out to me early in our relationship is how she first sees the good in people, and I’ve certainly been the beneficiary of this throughout our marriage. Her goodness inspires me to be a better person. When I’m not at my best, though, she still treats me with respect. Always with respect.

Her consistent love and trustworthiness provides precious stability as I experience my ups and downs. I’m grateful to never have to question her love and commitment. She makes it plain every day through her words and her actions. She serves as a wonderful model to me of how to love and honor another. I’m thankful every single day for the gift of my wife.

Image: from our wedding.


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