Gratitude 017: Siblings

Siblings. The word instantly conjures memories and sparks emotions. Many of my memories of growing up with my sister involve our more memorable battles. We were never close while living under the same roof. Always adversaries. It is amazing how two people from the same parents can be so radically different. I wasn’t a supportive older brother. Instead of encouraging my sister, I expressed my displeasure with her choices and behavior. Often. It was rude and unproductive, but for some reason I thought my teasing would communicate what I didn’t know how to say plainly or kindly.

I didn’t really know how to tell my sister that she was intelligent and had a lot of potential. Because I knew she was capable of so much, I was often frustrated when I felt she could have done something differently. I wasn’t mature or well-spoken enough to communicate this lovingly. Fast forward about twenty years, and I’m still learning. I’d like to think I have stopped the cruelty. I work hard to hold my tongue and let live. But I can still do better.

My sister’s birthday is tomorrow. I think it is high time for me to communicate the potential I see in her and communicate plainly out of love, not judgement. She deserves to hear that she is loved and accepted. She deserves my respect and honor for what she has done in her life. I hope I can communicate it clearly.

Image: Me probably about to smash this car onto my sister’s head. CC0 license from Pixabay.


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