Gratitude 015: It Takes a Village

My wife and I recently decided that we would remain a one child family. We had been holding on to all our son’s baby stuff, such as clothes, bottles, toys, pack and plays, his crib, a stroller, a jumper, and on and on. Now that these items are no longer needed, we’ve begun to move them out of our house. Each time an item leaves, I remember when and where we received it, and from whom it came. Remembering all of the kindness others showed to us by gifting and giving various baby toys, furniture, and other items is a wonderful feeling. I can look back fondly on the baby showers we had and the wonderful people who attended and showered us with gifts. I also remember the people who gave us their children’s old toys, such as wooden blocks, brio track, and Duplo blocks. Our son so enjoyed each of the items we were given, and we’re pleased to send them on to the next house to enjoy them in turn. We may not live in a commune in which children are raised by everyone living within the walls, but I’m still grateful for the people who helped us welcome a new baby by providing so many essentials. I’m grateful we have a community of friends and co-workers who felt moved to support us. It was and is much appreciated.

Image: Diapers and socks rolled up like sleeping babies: one of our baby shower gifts.


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