Gratitude 010: Avocados

I considered just leaving the body of this post blank, because…avocados. What else needs to be said? They are perfect. They contain lots of “healthy fat,” which I’m pretty sure means one can eat their weight in avocados and not gain any. You know how there’s that staple grocery item, like milk, that you just get every single time you go to the grocery store? For us, it’s avocados. It starts with the once-per-week-minimum taco night. Taco night without guacamole is not just not taco night, it is actually nonexistent. We will drop everything and run to the store for our beloved ‘cados before we have a taco night without guac’. So there’s that once (or twice) a week. But then, we’re still looking at 20 other meals in a week, and avocados go with MOST of those as well. Sandwiches? Avocados are a must. Scrambled eggs? Sure. Savory crepes? Of course. Fried rice? Yep. Soup? Cados. Stew? Cados. Pancakes? Probably, but we haven’t tried it. Have you tried avocado chocolate mousse yet? The point is, avocados go with almost everything, so they must be in the house at all times. Thanks for being so delicious, avocados. Here’s to you!


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