Gratitude 008: Will Buxton

I don’t always watch TV, but when I do, I watch F1 on NBCSN. Between FP2, Qualifying, and the Race each race weekend, that’s a good 6 hours of F1 racing. Multiply that by 21 races, and we’re talking about an obscene amount of TV. I guess that’s why I don’t watch anything else: I don’t have time! Sure, I love the racing, but I’m sure the broadcast team has a lot to do with my unwillingness to miss a second of any of the season’s telecasts. Today I’m singling out the member of NBCSN’s F1 broadcast team who is on the ground at each event around the globe, Will Buxton.

Will conducts F1 driver interviews during race weekends on the NBCSN broadcasts, and he’s excellent. Sport is all about stories and the personalities who participate in these live dramas. Will does a wonderful job giving us access to these personalities before and after the races, and he always seems to ask the question that needs asking, even if the driver doesn’t want to hear it. On the flip side, Will congratulates drivers when they’ve had a great drive. Because of this, it seems like Will’s honesty is respected in the paddock, which gives him license to ask the tough questions when they are warranted.

After the death of Carrie Fisher late last month, Will tweeted:

A wonderful sentiment. I saved the Tweet so I could reply later. Today’s the day. I was pleased to be able to tell someone I admire but will likely never meet that they do a remarkable job. Yes, a hand-written thank you is best, but you can’t beat Twitter for accessibility. Unfortunately, it is just a Tweet, but I guess a grateful Tweet is better than no message at all. I’m pleased to be able to thank someone who adds tremendous value to my enjoyment of my favorite pastime, F1.

Photo credit: “Red Bull” by Flickr user nasmac is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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