Gratitude 004: Central Heating

“Got central heating, and I’m alright”

-Dave Mathews Band, “So Much to Say”

I have no idea what that song is actually about, but when you take that line out of the context of the song and read it literally, it pretty much describes how my wife and I feel in the winter. Despite the fact that I haven’t listened to DMB in YEARS, I still hear that line in my head whenever someone uses the phrase “central heating.”

It’s a pretty cold week up here in the Pacific Northwest. Colder than usual. Down to the teens most nights. Those from the midwest or northeast wouldn’t bat an eye, but we’re frickin’ freezing up here, Mr. Bigglesworth! So when I get home from whatever first-world errands I am running on a given day, the first thing I do is go to the thermostat. In a few seconds, our workhorse of a furnace clicks to life, and in no time at all, warm air pours from the registers into our house. Simply wonderful. So let’s go through the ways that I’m blessed here. First of all, I’m so grateful to have a roof over my head each and every night. So blessed. On top of that, I have lots of clothes I can wear and warm sheets on my bed. Super blessed. But if those weren’t enough, I have a machine that, without any effort from me, makes blue-hot fire and sends the warm, comforting air all around my house so that my body can enjoy a balmy 68 degrees in whichever room I decide to inhabit. Dang. Off-the-charts blessed! And I’m not really exaggerating. Part of acknowledging blessings daily is realizing how amazing it is to be living in an affluent nation in 2017, with all of the ridiculously life-enhancing technologies we can afford. Another part is feeling the guilt for how much and how often I take these things for granted. But not today…today I appreciate my furnace! Hopefully it really is “Hard to stop a Trane.”

Got central heating. And I’m alright.



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