Gratitude 001: Mom

Who deserves more gratitude than one’s mother? My mother put up with me daily for 18 years, and amazingly still loves and supports me 18 years later! From birth, she took care of all my needs. With a young child of my own, I have just recently understood the time, effort, and sacrifice that goes into raising a young child. As a single mom for most of our lives, she made sure my sister and I had everything we needed to be happy and healthy. She worked hard at crummy jobs for years to put a roof over our heads. She came home to clean the house and cook dinner every night and, as a reward, she got to listen to me bicker with my sister. We never thought about her needs, and I doubt she had much time to do so either. With the benefit of time and perspective, I can now appreciate how she raised me, trusting me and giving me the freedom to make my own decisions.

While I am certainly grateful for how she raised me, I am equally thankful for her continued love and support during my adulthood. Most recently, she has relished her role as a remarkable grandmother to my son. She cares for him often so I can work or so my wife and I can enjoy dates together. My son adores her, and the frequency with which my mother spends time with him is a tremendous blessing to my wife and me. She needs to know this.

If anyone in my life deserves to receive thanks from me, it is her. So, to kick off my year of expressing gratitude, I penned a thank you note to her and dropped it in the mail. Perhaps she knows already how much I appreciate her, but now she’ll know for sure.


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